Scale with Speed

Insytly Cloud Software

A simple web based application for total control. Native mobile apps also included.

Global Asset

Start with our Goe based mapping system. Access asset in live time global access. 

  • Live Satellite and Street-maps
  • Individual asset icons and clustering
  • Fly to device at the click of a button
Lighting Fast

Access Snapshot Data in Seconds

Access Snapshot data for your devices in less than a second, fly device to device without breaking a sweat.

Built for global customers

Build Custom Dashboards that Match your Needs

Build custom dashboard for each device and create fast actionable views.

Full GPS Tracking, Geofencing & History

Industry standard GPS geo positioning with external GPS modules and cloud based movement algorythms.

  • Lifetime History of Points
  • Geofencing & Alerts
  • Alerts via Email and Push
Get Customising

Total Notification Control & Customisation

Easy visual based notification control following our industry leading "Traffic Light" Red, Amber Green system