All Inclusive Subscriptions

Global Software Plans

Our tailored global sim offers connectivity on the worlds best networks across 2G and 4G networks. With Multiple Roaming Providers on the SIM. 


Our Lite Subscription offers base level monitoring and GPS Tracking. For Lite Products

£ POA /month + VAT
  • 15 Minute Updates

    Your device will send data every 15 minutes as standard

  • 90 second GPS movement

    During movement your device will report every 90 seconds


Our Hub Subscription includes everything in Lite and faster data refresh and control. For Hub Products

£ POA /month + VAT
  • 1-15 Minute Updates

    Set the best interval to match your power usage

  • Live - 15 Minute Control

    Set control in live or delayed fucntiondepending on power usage

  • Remote Hardware Config

    Configure wake and sleep settings from anywhere

  • On/Off & Reset Relay control

    Set custom Relay control

  • Customisable Power Usage

    Adjust and tweak your system cycles for power saving