All Inclusive Subscriptions

Europe Software Plans

We believe in a single charge with access to everything. No hidden charges, just a single feature packed software and service.

Also Includes South Africa and Central Africa. 


Our Lite Subscription offers base level monitoring and GPS Tracking. For Lite Products

£ 4 /month + VAT
  • 15 Minute Updates

    Your device will send data every 15 minutes as standard

  • 90 second GPS movement

    During movement your device will report every 90 seconds


Our Hub Subscription includes everything in Lite and faster data refresh and control. For Hub Products

£ 6 /month + VAT
  • 1-15 Minute Updates

    Set the best interval to match your power usage

  • Live - 15 Minute Control

    Set control in live or delayed fucntiondepending on power usage

  • Remote Hardware Config

    Configure wake and sleep settings from anywhere

  • On/Off & Reset Relay control

    Set custom Relay control

  • Customisable Power Usage

    Adjust and tweak your system cycles for power saving