System Uptime Monitoring & Control

for CCTV Towers Security PODs Solar ANPR VMS & Signage

We make maintaining and running solar powered/AC connected fleets, seamless. Reducing callouts and maximising uptime with advanced analytics, integrations and remote control.

What we do

Streamline your Business Operations for Growth

Insytly remove time consuming callouts, downtime and reactive maintenance. Let our systems take control of your uptime with smart alerting across your fleet. 

Cloud Software

Software that works on any browser and comes with dedicate iOS & Android Apps for on the go.

Insytly Hardware

Leading 4G LTE monitoring/control hardware. Minimum Power Usage & Maximum Performance.


Directly integrate with our off the shelf integrations for Victron VRM data feed and Fuel cell connectivity.

Trusted By

Offer your customers an unparalleled level of monitoring and uptime for mission critical systems.

Built for Growth

Hardware that Just Works

24/7/365 Insylty hardware monitors and controls across Global 2G,3G,4G or Regional 2G 4G LTE Cat1

Harness the power of Redundant Control to enhance system uptime

Our advanced, always connected hub product gives you switching and remote control alongside monitoring from just *4mA @ 12V DC

*5 minute switching latency

Leading Connectivity Globally

With access to 95% of global operators and multiple system failovers, our hardware always connects and roams on our proprietary onboard algorithm.

Lowest Power Usage

Full Cat 1 LTE for a few mA, our kit saves you power, extending operational time miles past your competitor, ensuring total fleet visibility and control.

* 0 X

Reduction in Power Usage vs Leading Monitoring Option via Ethernet

*Based on Usage at 12V DC Insytly Hub in 5 Minute Mode vs Industry standard Mppt and Controller via Ethernet.

Help Center

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To use our systems you will need to purchase hardware with a subscription or subscribe to connecting your existing data feeds.

Yes, all products come with a full GPS tracking suite for historical view and geofencing.

Data is stored for the lifetime of your subscription at no extra cost, allowing you to leverage heavy data analytics. 

Data is stored in our UK datacenter, USA, AUS and EU data centres are available, or your own with our whitelabel.

Your account will hold all devices and subscriptions, bills are paid on the 1st of the month via BACS/SEPA or Card.

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